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♪ >> and good evening from washington. i'm shepard smith. we are just moments away from president obama's state of the union on fox. the president expected to walk in the chamber in 90 second said -- seconds. the two-thirds of the president's address will focus on the president's economy. there is doublit unemployment and soaring deficit. president obama will speak to the correct political divide in dc. according to the excerpts of the speech released the president will say there is deep and corosive doubts about how washington works. on health care, the president is to urge congress to keep pushing for reform and not walk away from the americans who need medical coverage and care. of course, this speech falls in a shadow of a changing political landscape. one that has seen his poll numbers fall and parties lose senate seats. he will change his agenda and abandon big spending plans. we'll hear from governor from virginia bob mcdonnell. tonight he has a chance to change the tone of the nation and quiet the critics and maybe breathe new life in his agenda. it will all come down to w
washington. in the wake of scott brown's upset win, will president obama be forced to reshape his agenda? we will ask one of his closest advisors, white house press secretary robert gibbs in a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then republicans celebrate their victory in massachusetts, but have their eye on a bigger prize in november. we'll handicap g.o.p. chances to cut in the democratic majority with john cornyn, chairman of the republican senate campaign committee. and the obama administration takes aim at wall street again. we'll ask our sunday regulars if this new poplism is smart politics and good business. all right now on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. joining us now, one of the president's top advisors, white house press secretary robert gibbs. robert, welcome back. >> thank you for having me, chris. >> chris: let's start with the effort to get ben bernanke a second term as chairman of the federal reserve. do you now have the 60 votes you need for confirmation? >> i think you saw the statement from judd greg the republican and chris dodd the democrat working t
news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. >> it's a big day on wall street and in washington. our experts talk about how the markets could react to the federal statement out today. tim knightner testifies on why the ballout terms were told to be kept secret. >> a dramatic state of the union address tonight. will we hear an outburst during the state of the union address? high drama on capitol hill tonight. >> ford is adding 1200 new jobs to revamp the explorer s.u.v., a $400 million investment for a chicago assembly plant. ford shares trading around $11 a share, up 12% already this year. >> tonight's the night. president obama delivers his state of the union address at 9:00 p.m. eatern. we spoke to a couple of members of congress who will be in the audience to get their thoughts on what they want to her the president say. >> president obama could face a tough crowd wednesday night. members of congress on both sides of the aisle are demanding answers to tough issues facing the nation. >> i want to hear that there is no falter in going after the goals that he has set for the terms of
for life was held in washington, d.c. thousands rally at the mall then walked past the high court. today marks the 37th anniversary of roe versus wade which of course legalized abortions. >>> president obama is making a trip to baltimore. the president visited here about a year ago on his way to inauguration in washington, d.c. now he is scheduled to make the first appearance in charm city as president next friday. he will address house republican conference members republican conference members at a >> straight ahead on the news at 5:30. dangerous advice for people trying to qualify for weight loss surgery. >> and you can choose from the pock lim hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. they have been so helpful and supportive during this time. maybe i should give them a call
the deadly earthquake. >> i am jennifer gilbert in washington. where the president is unveiling proposals, he said, would lift the burden on the middle class. details and reaction coming up. >> and the flight has been on frequently purchased groceries could have saved $55 in just one month by shopping at walmart. [ mom ] game time costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. >> sad news about a long time political figure in maryland. former u.s. senator charles mathighias has died. a republican that fought for civil rights and the protection of the chesapeake bay. he was first elected to the house of representatives in 1960. and spent the next 26 years in washington, representing maryland. mathighias died today from complications of parkinson's disease. he was 87. >> the president is refocusing his agenda on the economy. unveiling initiatives helped at aiming the middle class. and putting the finishing touches on the state of the union address that he will deliver this week. our republicans buying any of it? jennifer davis reports from washington. >> the latest numbers show he sal
.s. government, there is going to be more influence from washington than normal. there is always some influence from washington due to environmental regulations but until the government reduces or entirely eliminates their stake in gm and chrysler we will keep seeing more operational, and hopefully we're done with management changes at lease at gm and i don't see anything that fiat, sergio is running that ship now. but things like, for example, what we just saw this week with gm announcing they will run three shifts 24/7 in the kansas city area. that is very hard to do in the auto industry. toyota doesn't even do that all the time. they used to do that certain times to ramp up production in a certain mod sole that move see -- model so that move seems to be coming from washington. >> and what are bright spots in the last year? would you use hyundai, perhaps? >> the lower volume manufacturers, particularly hyundai and subaru. hyundai i've equated to how toyota came into the united states, initially very, very low quality, but over time it got better and better and got more market share. hyundai i
the cabinet secretaries around the ideas he outlined in the state of the union address. in washington jennifer davis. fox news. >> the president called for bipartisanship. bickering among democrats and republicans was almost sport during the debate during health care reform. people we talked to say they would like to see lawmakers work together, but they are not holding their breath. >> as long as the republicans are just absolutely dedicated to disrupting our country. then he is going to have a very difficult time. >> they just don't want to work for the people. they want to work for themselves. you can tell that by, you know, the lobbyists in there. >> it is a good idea. forget about what party. get the country moving in the right direction. >> so that brings us to the question of the day now. will presidential speech help to encourage lawmakers to work together. 38 percent are positive. while 62 percent of you are negative. joe writes on facebook. they will never work together. because they are happy with the way things are. they don't want change. >> president obama will be in baltimore to
in oakland, maryland. eight degrees in washington and one degree in haggerstown. this is very dangerous cold air sitting with our region right now. we have a wind advisory in effect as the winds will continue to stay breezy and gusty. 18 at 6:00 a.m. some areas dropping into the single digits. i'll tell you how long this arctic blast is going to stay in our region in a few minutes. >>> be in charge of your own personalized forecast. iradar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms to your street. go to >>> hundreds of people said goodbye to an 11-year-old girl who was kidnapped from her salisbury home and found dead on christmas day. myranda stephens has more on how this tragedy brought it closer than ever before. more than 1,000 people came to the dmufrp salisbury this morning to say goodbye to the young girl they desperately wanted to see alive. >> (unintelligible). the pain, sorrow, many tears. >>reporter: 11-year old sarah foxwell was found dead christmas day after police say her aunt's ex-boyfriend, a register
it or not, are being turned away. several people showed up to help, at a washington d.c. warehouse to donate. but they were told no thanks. >> people want to help. but they cannot help. i don't have the money, but i have the time and manpower. >> organizers finally did take the supplies one person wanted to donate after nearly an hour of begging. now you can help the victims of the earthquake in haiti. go to our website and click on haiti relief, on the left side of the screen. you will get the names and phone numbers of aid organizations. >> another earthquake hits. this in the cayman islands. 5.8 quake rattled the caymans, no reports of damage or death. the last earthquake in the caymans was in 2004. it was 6.8. >> again, we were the epicenter of crime and violence. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. tough streets of washington d.c. how they cut murders by 25 percent. the lessons baltimore could learn. it is the cover story tonight. >> i would stop buying swamp land with state taxpayer dollars. >> next, maryland's $2 billion deficit. the cuts the governor plans, and the one
temperatures. high winds caused major concerns in washington d.c. a huge tree fell on power lines. residents in the area lost power for some time. major gusts caused several bge customers to be without power. more than 38,000 customers have been restored so far. there are 39 residents without power tonight, most in baltimore. also in baltimore, the winds had street lights and ravens' flags blowing all over the place. people venturing out, bundled up. many say yeah, it's winter, but come on. >> my ears are cold. they hurt. the wind is just terrible. feels like it's going to blow me away. >> the temperature all day today has been below freezing. will we ever get out of this deep freeze sometime before june? here's vytas reid with a look at the forecast. >> your lips are frozen. >> it was very cold out there. in fact, temperatures having a hard time getting out of the freezing point. you add that wind and that's where it gets brutal. mother nature is not being very kind. talk about those cold winds blowing strongly. snow showers to the north. not quite making it here. maybe a flak
week old baby dies in washington county. from injuries authorities think her father caused. 22-year-old nikolaus mckee, the girl's father, said she began to wheeze and stoped breathing when he tried to revive her. but police say the infant died from injuries consistent with shaking. he was charged with child abuse and assault. washington county sheriff said they expect to file additional charges. his bail is set at $150,000. >> police need your help to find robbery suspects. looking for the people seen in these pictures. trying to rob the royal farms store along edgewood road at 1:30 this morning. anyone that recognized the suspects, should call metro crime stoppers at 866-7-lockup. >> if you need a bridge, here is one for you. maryland highway officials want to sell a bridge in if cecil county. located on maryland route 545 over little elk creek, bridge built in 1932. state officials say it will be easier to take the bridge apart and sell it to renovate widen it to bring it up to current safety standards. >> baltimore residents having a hard time with loan payments have an opportun
to capitol hill in two weeks. in washington, craig boswell fox 45 news. >> given the work that lawmakers have done in the past year, would you vote to keep or replace congress? so far 2 percent of you say keep them. and 98 percent of you say replace them. neil responds on facebook writing replace them but give them a job where they actually have to work 40 to 50 hours a week and pay them $35,000 a year. let them see the real-world. go to and tell us what you think. sound off through facebook. send us a tweet @foxbaltimore. secretary your answer. you can enter fox 45 a to keep congress. fox 45 b to replace congress. >> governor o'malley announces plans for new sustainable tax credit program. program will improve the 14-year-old tax credit program that expires in june t provides tax credits for old structures to be renovateed. and the governor suggest that is $50 million be spent over the next three years. he says the rewards would be well worth it. >> and yet it multiplies eight more dollars in the private sector. that's the sort of circulation and reinvestment that creates jo
. >> the ship is set to arrive a week from today. >> a group of doctors from washington d.c. also on its way to haiti. two teams from the community coalition for haiti are on the way. the group includes doctors, nurses, engineers, and assistants. they will all be focusing on helping children in haiti in dire need. >> joining us on the phone tonight. is clive. he is an attorney in new york. also a haitian american that returned to the region last night to try to search for family and friends. and help in the relief effort anyway he can. clive, thank you for speaking with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> tell us where you are right now. >> right now i am in a town called hemane dominican republic. closest town to port au prince. >> you had to fly into there to get there? >> i had to fly into sant domingo, there were no commercial flights going into haiti. as of, probably, wednesday. and still no commercial flights going into haiti. so i flew into santa domingo and drove from the airport there to the border last night. which was about 6 or 7 hours. >> and what have you seen since you
markets are sliding 3% with investors rattled by washington news. the technology sector has google posting big profits, but it's stock is well under $600 a share. >> that's google. the banks are turning in outstanding numbers, american express coming in $716 million. i had to look at that number twice, beejal. goldman sachs, $13 billion in profits for the year. >> banks are still coming up pressure with what's coming out of washington. mortgage rates falling again, just underneath 5%. the 30 year fixed is still not at the record lows we saw a few months ago. >> we have larry levin. how much pressure is on traders. >> there's a good amount. we haven't really seen the last couple of days and previous times is that anytime these markets sold out big, they had a big bounce at the end of the day. we didn't see that yesterday. that concerns me. >> do you think then that that could be the correction that many people are expecting? >> i think so. i think you throw in the momentum of the president mad at the banks, trying to put pressure on them, add that with this market has just rallied an immens
in washington. well, a little more than a week in 2010, election politics is already in full swing. on saturday, senate majority leader harry reid apologized to president obama for racial remarks he made during the last campaign. three top democrats announced they won't seek re-election. but open warfare has broken out among the republicans over the g.o.p. chairman. joining us now are the leaders of both parties. michael steele, the controversial head of the republican national committee, and virginia governor tim kaine, chairman of the democratic national committee. gentlemen, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> great to be with you, chris. >> chris: before we get to the differences between your two parties, i have to ask about the difficulties going on within each of your camps. governor kaine, a new book in the 2008 campaign called "game change" says of senate majority leader harry reid -- let's put it up -- he was wowed by obama's oratorical gifts and believed the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as obama, a "light-skinned african-american w
. toward frederick, county be washington county, allegheny county, and howard county as well and where we are looking to the west you will see more activity on the sky watch hd radar. take a look when we put things into motion, where he we had more sleet indicated by the purple and the pinks that you see. if this is going to be a possible problem for the central counties and north central counties as we move through the morning. as i said, we are not quite done with this, even though it has not been as bad early on where we have plain rain in the d.c. area as you see. baltimore city itself, not too bad. we have had light rain moving through the eastern shore as well, also not too bad at this hour. but is there more on the way? there's a lot more moisture that hasn't moved through here. a surface low that will be developing strength off the carolina coast as it moves out to sea, but before it does, it could bring us cooler air. you see the northerly flow. one thing that it has done is it's kept it to the high pressure to the north to the system to the south meaning it's further south. the
, washington county, garrett county until 6:00 friday. as they get to, four, 5 inches. 1-to 2-inches west of baltimore county. and maybe northern baltimore county. 1-to 2-inches. i am thinking a inch across the i-95 corridor and mixed bag on the eastern shore. so watch the storm closely. overnight tonight, clouds gather and precipitation starts to fall late tomorrow night. detailed at the look at the storm coming up. >> all right vytas. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your neighborhood. go to i-radar. >> when bad weather hits your neighborhood, see it, shoot it, send it. you can upload pictures and videos to our website. go to and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also sen pictures directly from your cell phone, to >> in other news tonight. four people arrested in an alleged dogfighting ring in arundel county. >> and authorities credit the actions of a concerned resident for making the. but.
. 866-7-lockup. >> more trouble tonight for washington wizards's guard gilbert arena, arenas is charged with a felony for carrying a pistol without a license. arenas, you may recall was sus is suspended for an incident last month by the nba when he brought guns to the verizon center and had a confrontation with another teammate. >> the excitement continues to grow over the ravens taking owe peyton and crew. >> so do the similarities. sports director bruce cunningham tells us how familiar this road to the superbowl is. bruce? >> you know, it was yogi beara that gave us the dashavu all over again. i don't know if yogi is a football fan but he may recognize the wisdom of his words if he looked at the playoff run. because if this seems familiar. it should. think back to last year. the ravens beat the afc east champions and advanced to a match up on the road with the afc top seed. that's the exact situation they find themselves in right now. but last year was just that. last year. and it has little, if anything, to do with the current you situation. >> you know, it is good that we have been
that right now on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. we'll hear from the former presidents and the other guests in a moment but first, the latest from haiti. authorities say at least 50,000 people have been killed and there are fears that death toll could more than double. relief agencies estimate one-third of the country, some 3 million people are in need of help and officials say there is no electricity and the water system collapsed. for more, we turn to steve harrigan in port-au-prince. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, brit. each day we've seen some small steps forward on the ground in port-au-prince. two radio stations now operating. also, we've seen the international red cross on the ground in mobile units treating people, some feeding points open also. orderly distribution of rice. there are still a lot of people here with nothing. my definition of "nothing" has to change every day. every square inch of open territory is occupied by families, many in tent cities. people without tents just have plastic tarps over their heads. yesterday, we sa
, armstrong. >> what is the feeling about the president in washington about what the president had to say on his speech. many wanted him to jump-start the economy and get it moving. was his speech enough to to make them happy? >> it's politics. but anyhow, the president said that they would cut capital gains taxes for small business owners. there's a possibility of extending the bush tax cuts which means, taxes on the average americans will not soar 20%, because there's no way you're going to create jobs and stimulate the economy by raising taxes. the president is going to baltimore i think today. >>yes. >> to speak at the republicans conference, something he has not done before. the president is making an effort. not everything the president says he is going to agree with. i think what is disheartening is that the president spoke about transparency and that the president spoke about the american people want to get back to the job. the president single handily removed healthcare out of the top, and made the job and the economy the top focus. the treasury secretary the next day set meeting
tight. that is leading many americans to ask when will we recover. washington has offered mixed signals on the matter. yesterday president obama announced a new proposal to help the middle-class. samantha hayes has more on the road to economic recovery in washington. >> reporter: new proposals coming a year after the major economic stimulus package starting going into effect. people are asking whether that has had any significant impact. up against the stubborn and sluggish economy. president barack obama makes a move for the middle-class. >> hopefully some of these steps will reestablish some of the security that has slipped away in the recent years. it proposes doubling the child tax credit for some middle-class families, limiting federal student loan payments, and encouraging saving for retirement. >> we need to reverse the overall erosion in middle-class security so when this economy does come back, working americans are free to pursue their dreams again. >> the president is also proposing a freeze on federal discretionary spending for three years with the exception of national sec
in mount vernon today. washington monument and other sites were snow covered today. shoveling is all it took to clear off the sidewalks. >> baltimore county got a few inches overnight. as joel d. smith said today, this small winter blast caught many by surprise. >> i woke up when my alarm went off and i looked outside and snow everywhere. >> beautiful holiday scene. snowflakes filling the morning air. picturesque. serene. as long as you don't have to drive in it. >> people are afraid of it. and makes others nervous. >> early on drivers are getting where they need to go. even if they have to budget in extra times. >> normally takes 30 minutes had. i left an hour early today. >> good thing. as the snow continued to fall, it became harder to see. and cars found it more difficult to find the pavement, or anything, solid on top of it. >> i slid everywhere. everywhere i went. every turn i made, i slid. and i did that a couple of times. >> kelsey said it takes 10 minutes to get this far. today, 45 minutes. >> you feel the car going one way and trying to turn the steering wheel the other way
in washington. >> get your free phone at this number. >>reporter: it's the fastest-growing welfare program in the u.s. free cell phones. >> i think it's a good idea. you can't do anything without a phone. >>reporter: how do you get your phone voice mail texting and more than an hour of talk time a month? if you qualify for public-assistance programs like food stamps, medicaid or free school lunches, you're automatically eligible. of course, the phonings are not really free, they're paid for with fees for those who have a cell or hardline phone. it's called universal charge. >> the reality is this is just the frosting an enormous cake. we spend over $800 billion a year providing various types of assistance to the the poor. >>reporter: supporters insist that while it may sound wasteful, low-income americans need cell phones even if they can't afford them. >> it's valid public purpose and needs that can be fulfilled by having this available, but i think we all need to take a really hard look at the cost. >>reporter: the program is costing about $1 billion a year. that's up 20 percent ove
. in washington members the house and senate will meet next week to merge their versions of the healthcare reform legislation. you might recall louisiana senator mary lan drew got $300 million in medicaid funding for her state and ben nelson of nebraska pledged his vote when his state got medicaid expansion. other senators were watching and will want their deals this round. >> when you need 60 votes, and you only have 60 votes, every senator is a king. i would expect that in the counsel committee a lot more sweetheart deals will be handed out. >>> the deal would cost $900 billion in over 10 years. >>> at&t announced it will no longer sponsor the super golfer. the company logo appeared in the golf bag. gillette distanced itself from tiger shortly after rumors from of a marital affair surfaced last month. >>> coming up a lot of finger pointing after a man tries to blowup a plane on christmas day. our political insider joins in on who is to blame and what must >>> 6: on this new year's morning. i tell you what, not too many people are moving out and about this morning when you look at the skycam pho
in allegheny county, washington county until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with the winter weather advicery. everybody else at 10 as we move further points east, carroll, harford county, and montgomery county. it looks like the northern part of the state looks to see the best chance of snow. even to the western part of the state we could see snow as we move into tonight. hd radar indicates that we have a lot of snow out there. there's a lot of blue on our map. that indicates the cold air in place and then we're going to be talking about the low pressure center that is going to be moving in our direction. that low, that alberta clip certify going to bring us the snow. moving into the western counties as early as 8 or 9:00 tonight. about 11, midnight moves into the eastern counties and hangs around and doesn't get out of here real quick until tomorrow morning. then it eventually moves in and it begins to wayne in terms of its strength and then we're left with a couple of flurries for the afternoon. not a heavy snow expected but nevertheless, a nuisance snow, one that could create real problem
late. baltimore county, ta calvert, ad washington county schools are opening two hours late. whenever there's winter weather. tune in to fox 45 morning news. our morning ticker will have a complete list of all of the morning closings and traffic conditions. the ticker will update eppcally aneppcally.automatically. you can find more information at the >>> now let's check in with meteorologist steve fertig to find out how bad the snow is going to get and when it's going to stop. >> reporter: i heard joel d smith say it's a fluffy snow, and that is true. it's going to make easy to clean off the car. you will see the lighter shades of gray, especially toward the eastern shore. that is where the heaviest snow is right now. we will call it light to moderate snow and further points west lighter. a bit of a problem at some locations, and some the back road areas more so. generally speaking we're looking at a 1-2-inch snow fall. 2-3 inches in some spots. the winter storm warning shall be expiring soon for ga for gart county. the winter weather advisory is starting to dissipa
: and reminiscent for a new bipartisan tone in washington. president obama urged the parties to work together. democrats i want to remind you that we have the largest majority in decades and the people expect us to solve problems not run for the hills. if the republican leadership is going to insist that 60 votes in the senate are required to do any business at all in this town, the super majority, then the responsibility of the government is now yours as well. >> reporter: following the president' speech, bob mcdonald responded for the republicans with the focus on the deficit, saying the obama admnistration is spending too much. >>the amount of debt is spaced to double in 5 years and triple in 10. the federal debt is over $100,000 per household. this is simply unsustainable. >> reporter: the president's speech and mr. obama also talked about wanting to repeal that controversial policy in the millitary don't ask don't tell. in washington, i'm samantha hayes. >>outside of the official republican response, what has been the reaction to the president's speech in washington? >> reporter: it s
was a joke. arenas aadmits bringing four guns into the washington wizards locker room and using them in a so-called prank. apparently crittenton did not see it as a joke. and lashed out at arena. >> i cannot comment on the va the real estate of stories that came out. some factual, some are not. so, i think, the best thing for everyone to do is allow this investigation to continue. >> arenas has been suspend from the the washington wizards indefinitely. >> the baltimore raven's heading north for the playoff match up. >> that's right. and fans at home are rallying for a win. >> >> you could not mistake the purple spirit today at ms. shirley's downtown. the pep band and ravens cheerleaders all on hand to get everyone fired up for the big game. >> the ravens had one final practice today. before heading to foxboro massachusettss tomorrow to face the patriots. the bay state better known as. kristen berset joins us with a look at sunday's wild card game. >> kristen? >> there was good news. according to the injury report. every player was able to participate in practice. the last two days. so the ra
in nevada. fox news correspondent craig boswell reports from washington. >> senate majority leader harry reid spoke privately for the first time since statement he made about president obama during the 2008 election surfaced over the week. >> i have apologized to the president. i have apologized to everyone that knows i could have use a better choice of words. >> in his book, described obama as light skinned who could speak with or without a negro dialect. some republicans say reid should step-down from the leadership post. >> he is clearly out of touch with where america and his district is but african-americans are. >> he compared those (inaudible) >> throughout the country, that democrats can get away with saying those things, and the republicans could never, never get away with something like that. >> naacp and black caucus defending reid and his record on civil rights. >> those that want to capitalize off of those remarks, be forewarned. you will not find open arms. from the black community. >> president obama accepted reid's apology, and 2 appear at a policy event in nevada had nex
towns. it's going to be be a heated few weeks in washington. >> hears will be held to get to the root of the economic crisis and will now hold its first hearings. wednesday, goldman sachs, jp more began stanley c.o.e.'s will testify, likely facing questions on bonuses, and whether they're doing enough to lend money to small businesses. the senate takes up legislation to overhaul the banking system. >> after a year of ballgameouts and massive bonuses, the obama administration is considering an extra tax on large banks to recoup tarp costs. capital partners joining in this group. brian what do you think? >> they are trying to recoup the money they think they'll lose in tarp. the losses of coming from gmac. it seems like we are taxing the guys that made it to save the guys that didn't. this really seems like a political tax. we are aiming that somebody is mad at. when you levee a political tax, it's difficult to try and link this tax with what i think they are attempting to do, tavern down people taking risks. how you measure and tax risks is a difficult thing to figure out. i'm dubious
, right? >> yes, there are two options being thought about in washington at the moment. one is to let the house pass the senate bill, even though a lot of people in the house don't like aspects of the senate bill, and then the new senator wouldn't get a vote. they would have to come back in a year and fix it, but they might do that. the other option is the president is talking about a scaled down health plan targeted more towards insurance reform, and maybe some cost savings, and wouldn't enact all the parts of the 1,000 page health bill that's pending in the house currently that has passed in one version or another in both houses. to get a house committee to come to an agreement, and get crossovers like olympia snow to vote for it, that will be decided in a couple of weeks. >> thank you so much. that will be interesting to watch it play out. >> on wednesday, secretary treasury tim geithner will be in the hot seat. lawmakers want to know why the new york federal reserve told a.i.g. to keep quiet on the details of its bailout, including how $62 billion in taxpayer money would be distin
for allegany and washington counties. and garrett counties. until 6:00. on friday. as we see this winter precipitation, mixed bag of precipitation, move in. late thursday night through friday morning. morning rush hour probably is messy out there. so give yourself extra time as we see the areas of low pressure coming up out of texas and secondary low moving up out of the gulf. this is dragging up plenty of moisture with it. causing very strong storms over parts of the plains on down there over in texas. tornado warnings. and louisiana. but this moisture will come up and connect with that colder air up here and that will form in the form of sleet and snow. probably late thursday night, into friday morning. changing with rain. and we have a frontal boundary moving south of us. that will miss us. left with a few clouds. we will see clouds increasing through the day tomorrow. and this is a timing of it on the future scan. you can see for thursday afternoon. still the clouds are building in. and maybe actually sun breaking through in the early morning hours. but by friday. 2 a.m. before rush
retreat. mr. obama visited baltimore last year, as you recall, on the way to inauguration in washington d.c.. >> well, all presidents layout wish lists, and successess in the state of the union. but both rarely stand up to scrutiny. last night's speech was no exception. >> the president made it clear, that his goals were more jobs, and less spending. >> starting in 2011, we are prepared to freeze government spending for three years. >> mr. obama plans to do that, without cutting spending to medicare, medicaid, social security, or national security. without freezing thoses costs, the savingss would amount to less than 1 percent of the deficit. it is the same plan president obama criticized john mccain for when republicans proposed it during presidential race. >> i really have concerns that what we have got is a president who has a great style, great ability to deliver an address, but may not have the ability to solve the problems, as long as he stays with the core values. >> president claims because of government intervention, about 2 million americans are working who would otherwise be u
and medicine that haitians will need in the coming days. >> ambassador raymond joseph spoke in washington today. he said much of the capitol is destroyed. tens of thousands are homeless and powering communication systems have been completely cut off. >> there's a silver lining in all that. the earthquake hit after closing hours. so most of the employees of fate were already out of the building. >>> the international federation red cross estimates up to 3 million people have been affected by the powerful earthquake. the death toll could be in the tens of thousands. >>> while the red cross already announced plans to send aide, the usn comfort is assembling its crew as we speak in baltimore's port. the hospital vessel has 12o.r.'s and room for 1,000 hospital beds. the comfort responded to the 9/11 attacks in new york city and hurricane katrina in new orleans. >>> the devastation in haiti hats area church members praying and waiting to hear from loved ones in a sister parish. keith daniels live in parkville with this angle of the story. keith, what can you tell us tonight. >> reporter: we are live
to disclose the names of contributors. in washington, melanie wilkes, fox news. >> so facebook response earlier, it was brianna writing on facebook not brian you misspoke there and i am sorry. >> it was a a after it. of it could be confusing for us that read every now and then. >> brianna. thanks for writing us. >> wintery mix is here. >> when will it leave? lets check back with vytas reid. vytas? >> when will it leave? >> it won't be a long-term storm. we will see the thing push through. and head up to the north. but it will leave in the wake rain, and sleet. some areas snow mixed with the sleet. so all the above. it looks like right now rain and sleet coming down on the hd skycam inner harbour here. and we have temperatures at 35 degrees. winds out of the east-northeast at 10. and our humidity levels at 85 percent. and as that area of low pressure swings up all the moisture, as it pushes through. the ban of rain and sleet is pushing through and like i said west of us, with some areas getting heavier precipitation. but low, dragging in moisture. not a strong area of low pressure. but n
marriage washington will perform same sex unionons starting in march. >> what the other states have done is given same sex couples the opportunity to come in through our back door. and i'm closing that back door. >> delegate burns introduced a bill similar measures have been rejected before. >> turning to our weather today was a total wash out. the rain started this morning and seemed like it it would never stop is. people had the right idea that were out there today. we have people with their umbrelace i thought we did but we don't trust me anybody out needed an umbrella there they are are headed to church. hopefully we will start off the week and the holiday with dry weather. we will get a look at the forecast with chief meteorologist. >> martin luther king day parade starting at noon tomorrow. i think it will be fabulous. >> good news. >> all you get out and enjoy the parade will be there and we will wave at y'all come out and say hello. it looks like we are talking about rain tonight. the area of low pressure is moving to the east in dover. of heavy showers over there. taking a c
.s. supreme court today. craig boswell reports from washington d.c. >> a criminal defense attorney said a case before the u.s. supreme court resembles a hollywood blockbuster. >> this is exactly like the movie minority report. where precrime becomes a basis for the government to lock you up. >> the case involves five convicted child sex offenders held indefinitely in north carolina more than two years after the prison terms ended. men were designated as sexually dangerous by the government. two lower courts ruled the law allowing them to be held unconstitutional. >> ultimately the statute will fall because the federal government does not have the power to take people off the streets and put them in prison because it thinks they are sexually dangerous. >> in 2006, president bush signed the adam walsh child protection and safety act that in part allows the federal government to indefinitely confine sex offenders. >> these are often frequently pedophiles or, sometimes, rapists, so this is protecting largely women and children. >> while the law is intended to deal with the worst of the worst, some
preliminary talks with the washington catholic athletic conference on combining the 2 leagues. there are some issues that need to be resolved. one of those is working around the loyola turkey bowl which could conflict with the conference championship game. also the wcac does not allow after let he can scholarship unlike the miaa. this merger would only be for football. we'll have more on these stories and park takes on mcdid you know owe for the high school game of the week. this is on sports unlimited. back to you jeff. >> thanks so much. >> cold winter weekend ahead. jessica star is back now with one last look at the sky watch forecast. jessica. >>reporter: hi jeff. arctic air is in place for the entire weekend. 24 right now the current temperature and cloudy skies. the winds continuing out of the northwest as well making it feel even cooler. 9 miles an hour. humidity down at 36 percent but here's this large system that we have been keeping our eye on all week long. significant snow fall towards kentucky and tennessee and icey conditions right on the north edge of alabama and
. >>reporter: right now 5 states have legalized gay marriage. washington, d.c. will begin performing same sex union in march. this is news at 5:30. >>> thanks jeff. warmer weather but the cold will indeed return. vytas jones us with the first look at the sky watch or should we say snow watch forecast. >> you could say that. in fact some areas in the mid atlantic that will see a lot of snow watch because we will see a big storm moving into play as we get into late friday night saturday mainly saturday morning, saturday afternoon would be this event but looking outside right now. radar showing clear conditions relatively quiet day. we saw the temperatures topping out up in the mid upper 40's even just south of us in the 50's. so feeling pretty good out there but the cold air matching in. cold front moves in tonight dropping the temperatures down all wrapping around a secondary low to the north over parts of nova scotia and a cold air coming out of the cold arctic core over parts of canada and temperatures dropping progress he feel through the night tonight into tomorrow. watching the tr
since all four wide receivers will become free agents in march. derrick mason and washington unrestricted free agents and clayton and williams are restricted. ravens finished 18th in the nfl in passing. and the lack a big play maker on the field. john harbaugh is not opposed to bringing in new guys if it strengthens the receiving corps. >> you put a level of priority on different positions. so we have got a plan that way. we have an idea and direction we want to go for sure. i think, we have to put as many good players around joe flacco as we can. that will be important. we have good players. a lot of it is bringing guys back. some of the guys you are talking about receiver, are restrict free agents so we have an opportunity to bring them back. and plan to do that. if we can add more players into the mix. build the competition. and let the best guys, you know, win their jobs, or their catches or opportunities. that's what we're all about. >> linebacker ray lewis will have to shell out $5000 for his hit on austin collie in saturday night's game. lewis collided with him in the
for us this morning. we got word of an accident at martin luther king boulevard, it's at washington boulevard, we will continue to keep you up-to-date on this one as soon as we get more information for you. as for the main lines, it's going to be incident free traveling through 895 through the harbor tunnel and also on 95 through the fort mchenry tunnel. note that there are a few cars there in the yellow. as we are starting to see a little bit of a slow down near the 395 exit. farther up on 95, traveling through baltimore county, right now we can show you what it looks like at whitemarsh boulevard. here it is, it's definitely a good crowd there, but it's the northbound and southbound lanes making the trek toward 695. on the beltway, once you finally do approach that at pulaski highway, it has been a calm ride there for us this morning. we can show you that it continues to be nice and quiet both the inner and outer loop lanes. it's the sheer volume that you have to deal with from 95 heading toward parkville and eventually toward the 83. it's definitely expensive having a growing fami
more from washington. >> reporter: one year ago, president barack obama laid out an aggressive agenda to tackle as many of the nation's big problems as quickly as possible. as he begins his second year in office, the white house is defending that approach amid crticism that the president hasn't handled the change he promised. >> this president has had to handle an extreme amount of challenges in a short amount of time. as he has said often, he could ignore some of these but not sure which the american public would want him to ignore. >> reporter: the unemployment going up to 10% despite an $887 billion stimulus passed last year. >> they passed legislation such as the stimulus package which has harmed the economy of the country and it's time we turn the page and sit down in a bipartisan fashion ask try to workout the problems that are more serious for the american people. >>> the admnistration maintains that the stimulus package has helped and he plans to focus on jobs something he is planning to bring up on the address. as well as the healthcare reform now in question after a republi
there toward frederick county and also toward allegheny county, washington county in between. there's a few snow showers as you can see, but it's not accumulating a whole lot today. if you're in the western counties or running into that direction, you may run into a little more activity because the up flow will bring showers to garrett county that could accumulate a little bit. this is what we're looking at as far as in terms of advisory, our winter weather advisory for the western part of allegheny county with the best chance of seeing any kind of accumulation and even there talking about an inch or two maybe in that part of the state. elsewhere, there's flurries moving around, we could make for slippery roads. the temperatures are chilly. 29 for salisbury and 29 in hagerstown. 16 in oakland and with winds at 10-15 miles per hour as we sit between the low pressure to the northeast and high pressure to the northwest, we get the temperatures that feel more like they're in the teens this morning, and this morning like they're in the upper 20s and low 30s instead of the mid-30s we should reach
as garrett county to the west of it and to the east of it in washington county as well. the rest of us we still get something out of this and it could be a sleet and snow mixture that accumulates about an inch or two inches as you go further points west toward frederick county and 2-4 inches to the west before it's all done. today we start with 32 degrees, and winds are calm, 53% relative humidity and the temperatures are if the low 20s and 33 in baltimore, 34 in salisbury and 26 up in hagerstown. these temperatures will only climb to about normal for this time of year getting to 41 degrees for the high in the eastern shore with a 10-15-mile-an-hour wind. the central part of the state should climb to the same 41 degrees, clouds coming in earlier since they're coming from the south and west and an east and northeast wind at 5-10 miles per hour. back to the west, temperatures chillier, 37 degrees mostly cloudy skies, you may see a little bit of rain starting in the western part of the state. 31 degrees and he we pick up an inch of sleet-snow mixture tonight and over night and adding more to
assistance to haiti including millitary and desaster relief. in washington i'm samantha hayes. >>> coming up, think twice about how you travel on your next trip. what you will be paying extra for the next time you fly. >>> i'm asking for a second chance. i hope i get it. >> mark mcgwire admits to using steroids. breakfasts. i got breakfastses here. real cheap. don't settle for a knockoff breakfast. save money with a dunkin' donuts egg and cheese sandwich for just 99 cents. try it with egg whites today. because it's breakfast, not brokefast. america saves on dunkin'. i like this one. in a national taste test, more hardworking americans preferred the taste of dunkin' donuts over starbucks. try the coffee that won... this one. ...and see why america really does run on dunkin'. thank you. >>> a disappointing earning report from alcoa dragged down the markets. the dow fell almost 37 points while the nasdaq and s&p 500 lost for the trading day. more bad news for those out of work, competition is steep. november job figures show only one job available for every 6 potential workers. employers are st
. frederick county until 6:00 p.m. on friday looking at washington and then also 6:00 p.m. on friday as they have potential for seeing agent more snow than what we may see as far as precipitation and winter storm warnings of virginia and west virginia. this is my forecast for now. looks like we see along the i-95 corridor including baltimore city down to annapolis or inch or less of sleet and snow by friday morning then melt off relatively quickly through the afternoon. once you get west of westminster to carol county 1 to 2 inches and closer over into frederick 2 to 4 or 4 inches as we see a little bit of precipitation try to gel in the overnight into tomorrow morning. here's what it looks like tonight. see the rain come down in the form of rain and change over to sleet and snow and then by tomorrow morning commute it could be dicey and slick out there so drive carefully. temperatures right at 30 degrees overnight. east wind at 5 to 10. i have closer look at the 7 day forecast and show you the entire weekend and actually a little warmer temperatures coming our way as well. b
. two men were stabbed, including 20-year old darius, a u.s. marine based out of washington d.c. he died from his injuries. a second victim was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover. residents here won't soon forget the tragic ordeal. >> something like that to happen, you know, that's bad. >>reporter: the evidence left behind as a reminder and a warning to parents like tim randall, who worries about the safety of his son. >> i don't like him seeing stuff like that. >>reporter: we don't yet know what the victims and the attackers may have been arguing about. we do know they were stabbed around 4:00 this morning and police spent the rest of the day guarding the crime scene while the detectives work towards making an arrest. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> concerned citizens walked in federal hill. city leaders hope these crime walks promote better relationships between officers and residents and strengthen communities against crime. >>> city police made a big bust on friday, getting more than what they thought was $22,000 in cash. $15,000 of it was counterf
rawlings blake spent the morning bagging grocery as part of fundraiser at mount washington elementary school. rawlings blake says she understands people will be upset over the deal that allows mayor dixon to keep her pension especially in these tough economic times. >> i have asked councilman colt to take a look at the big 7 jurisdictions in maryland to see what their elected official pension to look like. to do research. to review and see if there is, if there are opportunities to improve. >>reporter: rawlings blake will officially take over as mayor of baltimore on february fourth. >>> high profile federal drug case is in jeopardy tonight. all because of the involvement of a suspected corrupt cop. crime justice reporter joy has the story first on fox. >>reporter: jennifer i have uncovered new information tonight surrounding detective mark lunsford. he's the baltimore city police officer federal agents arrested after informant and suspected criminals came forward and accused him of being corrupt. as part of our investigation, we were able to crack down a federal case where we can
at fox >>> president obama returns to washington for briefings on the failed christmas day terror attack in detroit. today he heard from the cia and key advisors. mean time new security measures are in effect for travelers coming to the u.s. from what the white house calls terror prone nations. >> al qaeda is determined to carry out the attack. >>reporter: among the 14 nation on that list afghanista afghanistan, iraq, iran, any engineer, cuba and yemen. >>> 2010 could bring a breakthrough in the fight against aids. last year a study showed vaccine protected against the hi virus 30 percent of the time. scientist say the percentage isn't good enough but they are hopeful the results of that study can be used to increase the effectiveness to 70 or 80 percent. >>> look out for the hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this
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